Placement Test!

I. We don’t usually do much ____ the weekend.

II. I sometimes have a short sleep ___ the afternoon.

III.I go _____ a gym near a house to keep fit.

IV. I listen to English radio ____ an hour or two every night.

V. ____ the week, I work hard.

VI. I go __ a walk with my dog after dinner.

VII. I’m always very relaxed ___ Fridays.

I. Studying Maths is ___________________ than studying History.

II. I’m ___________________ this week than last because I’ve got tests.

III- Susan is ______________________ than the other classmates.

I – Cheers!

II - do the washing-up

III - Can you turn it down, please? It’s too hot.

IV -We went sightseeing on the first day.

V - Anything else?

( ) going on holiday

( ) going shopping

( ) collocation

( ) asking favours

( ) thanking

I. I don’t eat a lot of sweet things.

II. I read some non-fiction, but I mainly read novels.

III. I like some of their songs.

Parte 2


Teens in control

A recent survey has been published that shows that today’s teenagers are forming the “ambitious generation”.Many of these teenagers expect to attend university. However, they might be missing out on what normal teenagers should be doing.


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